Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trip to Manavya(shelter for HIV-afflicted children)

   On 15Th of July 2012, 41 medical cadets of Prayas visited Manavya. It is a shelter home for nursing, caring, & rehabilitating orphaned and destitute children afflicted by HIV/AIDS. As we arrived there, the happiness on the faces of children was inevitable as they welcomed us with warmth and joy.

  The Prayas members were given a tour of the entire shelter home. We visited the dormitories, classrooms, handicraft section & the medical wing. Then, several gifts were given to the children from the members of Prayas. We indeed had the time of our lives there along with the children as they performed several songs, played musical chairs, & other games with us. As we waved them goodbye, we learnt that those children having so much to worry about are not at all affected by the hardships, & get contentment from any little means of pleasure they get. One definitely needs a big heart for it!

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Debasis Mohanty said...

Great work u afmcitites have done !! Wish I was a part of it !! My Broken dreams .........