Friday, April 5, 2013

Poster-making competition

A Poster-making competition was organized on the theme of World Tuberculosis Day on 20th of March, 2013. This year's motto of World TB Day was "Stop TB in your life". Based on this theme a total of 15 participants took initiative to show their talent & produced some wonderful pieces of art. The participants comprised of medical cadets from AFMC, nursing cadets from College of Nursing, & young students from Army Public School.

Visit to Old Age Home at Kamshed

       On 10th of March 2013, medical cadets & members of Prayas visited the old age home- "Nishtha Seva Kendra" at Kamshed run by Sevadham Trust. It was a special moment for the passing-out medical cadets to interact for the last time with the residents. This moment was equally cherished by both medical cadets and the people of old-age home as they blessed the passing-out medical cadets for all their future endeavours.
       A donation of INR 8,500 was made to the old-age home on this occasion. Out of this sum, INR 3,500 was donated by a single medical cadet who preferred to remain anonymous.