Thursday, March 24, 2011

Silhouettes 2011

Silhouettes and AIIMBT is the name of our annual cultural and sports festival which takes place in February. Representatives of various colleges from all over India come to attend it. Prayas Club also has it's share of activities during the fest this year...
1.A blood donation camp was held on 15th and 17th of Feb, during which 32 cadets from AFMC donated blood at our blood bank. Caps carrying the symbol of AFMC blood bank were distributed to the blood donors later on. The camp was handled by Med Cadets Sowmya sethumadhavan (v2), Anurag seth (w2), Ravi N. Hota(t2) and Souvik Nandi (u2).

  2.The dramatics this year featured four events on 15th and 17th of Feb. During each of the four events, a special certificate and a cash prize was given from the behalf of our club for “The best socially related theme”. We thank Med Cadets Om panda (v2) and Preeti negi (v2) for their co-operation.

3. The hobbies club event “T-Shirt making” was sponsored by us on 17th Feb. The topics given were..
a)   Is the patient only a malfunctioning machine for a doctor ?
b)  Medicine is the most successful business of modern times.

The t-shirts which were thus made were kept for sale to collect funds for the club. The remaining had been stored with us for display. We appreciate the efforts of Med Cadet Anukriti (v2), Nidheesh (v2) and Dipurajan M.D. (v2) for helping us organize the event.

4.   A special promotional video-clip was screened at Dhanvantari on 15th Feb. It emphasized on the need of organizations like Prayas Club and urged the delegates from various colleges to create similar organisations. Med Cadet Arun Parashar (t2) was responsible for the direction and narration of the clip.

Along with this we would also like to appreciate the contribution of Med Cadet Adil Nishad (w2), Gaurav Agrawal (v2), Lalit K. Tripathi (v2), Prateek Kaushik (v2) who helped us from time to time during the events.

Silhouettes can prove to be a very useful social event for our club. Some more ideas were there, which were not executed this year due to lack of previous planning. We hope to develop it further as a platform to spread the message of medico-social work to students coming from the outside colleges in the coming years. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The gift of vision

We recently had the pleasure of having some guests from Khor village. These were some very kind hearted elderly people who came to our hospital for treatment. The Ophthalmology department had done a wonderful job by holding an eye camp in their village which is near Kasurdi. The poor, uneducated patients were  brought to Pune and operated for Cataract in the Command Hospital (SC). We tried our best to look after them during their stay at the wards and during the pre-operative check-up. The department held a small ceremony for observing the World Glaucoma Day after all the patients were treated. They left for their home soon after that with smiling faces and a new sight. 

We would like to congratulate the Ophtalmology department for their successful endeavour. We would also like to thank Mrs. M. Kumkar for her inspiring hardwork and Cadets Dipurajan (V2), Divya Kochar (V2), Sowmya (V2), Deepak Kumar (U2), Mayank Jhanwar(U2) and Souvik Nandi (U2) for contributing their valuable time and labour. We hope that we continue to recieve such chances again in the future.