Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Patient helped

This month, we were not able to do much in terms of routine activities due to examination season.. but in our spare time we managed to help a few people.

Mr. Vishwanath Kshirsagar has been an employee of AFMC's tailor shop for a long time. He complained of hearing difficulties, for which we took him for a checkup at CH. He was found to have severe to profound hearing loss in both ears. He could not afford a hearing aid at his present salary. So, with the help of Ayodhya Charitable Trust we were able to provide him a set of hearing aids free of cost. His condition is now better than before and he can carry out his day to day work with more ease.

We would like to thank Col. S. Patyal (Dept. of Ophthalmology) for referring the patient to us and Col. S.Girish (Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology) for his warm support during the work-up. We would like to thank Mrs. M. Kumkar for her time and care, and Cdt. Souvik Nandy and Cdt. Omveer singh chahar for their huge efforts during the whole procedure. And we would also like to congratulate Ayodhya Charitable Trust for the wonderful way they are running there organization. You can contact them on the address give below. We hope that more such organizations come up in future for community service.

Ayodhya Charitable Trust,  Near SRP, Gate No. 2, Vikas Nagar, Wanawadi Village, Pune-411 040 Ph: 020-26874460  Fax: 26856809 E-mail: