Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The medical profession has undergone immense change with rapid advances that has been made in diagnostics and therapeutics. While this has helped in better management of patients, it has also made some adverse impact on the clinical medicine and the art of medicine has taken a beating. The changing socio-economic environment has placed money above the noble principals of medicine, thus compensating the values of this noble profession. There is a pressing need for including and inculcating the humane values and qualities of empathy and compassion in the doctors of 21st century.

Keeping these things in view, was born The Prayas Club, Armed Forces Medical College (pune). It is an initiative of the medical students toward medico-social work...
Our Mission
To equip budding doctors with humane values of medical care.
Our Vision
To inculcate values of compassion, empathy and care in them.
Our Motto
Service to mankind is service to God.