Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fund Raising For Patient

  An enormous feeling of compassion and sympathy was shown by the medical cadets of AFMC when they collected money for the treatment of a patient suffering from 'rheumatic heart disease' with 'mitral stenosis'.
Mr. Sagar Gaikwad works at the AFMC CSD. Little did he know that the life of his family would be disrupted by his illness as he could not afford the costly treatment of valve replacement. He had left all hopes as was extremely dishearted as he was the only earning member of his family.

 At this point "PRAYAS" came to his rescue. The PRAYAS members collected a huge sum of Rs. 40,000 for his surgery. This effort was highly appreciated by The Dean who sent 4 medical cadets to witness the surgery at the cardio-thoracic center on 17th of March. 
PRAYAS members along with Mr.Sagar Gaikwad

Monday, June 18, 2012

Cancer Screening Camp at Tulapur village

Cancer Screening Camp at Tulapur village

On 2nd of March, 2012, 33 medical cadets along with the faculty of Community Medicine AFMC, visited the remote village of Tulapur to conduct a cervical cancer screening camp for the villagers. It was a great occasion for the cadets as they got to learn the methodologies involved in conducting the screening program.

Also, a school health survey for children was held in which their BMI, level of nutrition, growth & development were noted. A health quiz for school children was also conducted to educate them about public health standards & the need for maintaining a clean environment for a healthy living. These efforts were highly appreciated by the villagers.