Friday, August 31, 2012

Visit to Deep Griha Society- Ramtekdi Slums

  On 29th August, medical cadets of Prayas visited Deep Griha Society at Ramtekdi slums which is an NGO working for the welfare of the people in the slums. This was the first occasion for the freshers of Y-2 batch to participate in the activities of Prayas.
  Deep Griha Society has taken initiative to work in several fields for the people of slums. These works include:
               *Women empowerment project
               *DISHA (Deep Griha's Integrated Services for HIV & AIDS
               *Medical & Healthcare Programs
               * Child Care & Child Development
               *Youth empowerment
It was a good opportunity for all Prayas members to know about how this NGO works & also about its various programmes. We learnt that there is a section of society even in developed cities like Pune who need our care & empathy. If we can take out even a small amount of time to help them, it would make a tremendous impact in someone's lives.

Informative skit on Eye Donation

An informative skit on eye donation was performed by the X-2 batch medical cadets of Prayas on 25th August. It was held on the occasion of "Prakash Purab" at the Gurudwara, Command Hospital- Southern Command. The skit was very well appreciated by the audience who asked questions about eye donation & also filled up voluntary eye donation cards. It is said that a good skit really has an impact on the audience which was evident from this skit.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Independence Day celebration at Ayodhya Charitable Trust's school for the deaf & mute


   31 medical cadets of Prayas celebrated the Independence day this year at the Ayodhya Charitable Trust's school for the deaf-&-mute children. Various events were organised there & everyone had a really great experience interacting with the children. Sweets were distributed after the flag-hoisting & national anthem. Also several sports goods were donated to the children. It was a joyous occasion for both cadets and the children to interact with each other.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

End of charity week

This post is dedicated to all those people who came forward during the charity week and blessed us with their moral support and donations. We are deeply and truly thankful to you. You made a difference in somebody's life today. 

We were able to collect more than Rs.12,000 and objects like old clothes, eatables and other items which would be used to help those who are in actual need for them. And we hope that in future too, you will show the same spirit of kindness and generosity. Thank You.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Prayas Club is organizing a 'Charity Week' from 6th Aug to 13th Aug. Please send all your love, affection, wishes, goodwill and if possible dry rations, toileteries, and monetary donations to those who really need them. Please contact the people mentioned in the poster for more information. Thank You !