Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prayas club activities during Silhouettes 2012

Several activities & programmes were organised by the prayas club during Silhouettes 2012 which is the annual festival of AFMC. This year the event was special as it was held to commemorate the golden jubilee of the undergraduate wing of the college.

  •    Blood donation camp: A blood donation camp was organized on Feb 21st & 22nd. What we saw was an enormous zest in the people for this noble act. As many as 50 people donated blood within these 2 days. An exceptional act of compassion was shown by our very own HOD Community Medicine Air Commodore Ajoy Mahen when he arrived at the camp & donated blood to set an example for the rest.


  •     Poster-making competition: It was held on 23rd Feb with an idea to generate awareness among people about organ donation. Creativity could be seen at its peak with exquisite work in poster-making done by students from AFMC & also several other colleges.

  •      Eye-donation drive: Conducted on Feb 20th & 21st. A great deal of concern was shown by the cadets as 30 of them pledged to donate their eyes, so that the greatest gift of vision could be provided to those who need it.