Thursday, June 27, 2013

                        WHEEL  CHAIR FOR PATIENTS

PRAYAS with the help of LION's club pune has donated wheel chairs to the DEPT. of orthopeadics,
A F M  C for the care of patients.





“ Rescue almost over, long and Hard work of rehab lies ahead”
(Times of India, 27 Jun 2013)

1.         Rain coats, blankets, milk powder, biscuits may indeed be welcome in Uttarakhand today, however they are only likely to be drops in the ocean. A more lasting and indeed beneficial role which students of AFMC can perform, is to use their training and education (apart from high IQ / and EQ) and develop a plan for rehabilitation, disaster mitigation, and perspective planning for prevention of future occurrences of this nature.

2.         An Essay competition for undergraduate students is hereby announced to develop a plan to rehabilitate the affected areas, in the form of a village (to be referred to as “Village Uk”) of 5000 people approx. This plan is to be written in the form of an Essay on any of the following themes:

            (a)  Sustainable Development in Ecologically Fragile Zones (in the aftermath of the present disaster).

            (b)  Post Disaster Rehabilitation: Priorities for action (what all, how is it proposed to be implemented, by whom, in what time frame).

            (c)  Disaster Management Planning. Gaps in Uttarakhand and remedial measures for future planning (including involvement of the community.)

3.         Prayas Club Members are already on a funds collection drive , the proceeds of which will be contributed by AFMC to the Prime Ministers National Relief Fund     Please support them!

4.         Rules of the Competition:-

            (a)       Any number of teams of Two Boys and One Girl can send in Essays.
            (b)       Essay to be sent in PDF format to by 0830h         on 01 July 2013.
            (c)        Arial font 12 to be used. No photos required in text.
            (d)       References / Bibliography to be cited at the end of the essay.
            (e)       Word limit of 3000 to 5000 words.

            (f)        Please mention the names and batch of            the team on the first page of          the Essay, and start essay from second page.

5.         Winning entry (s) will be awarded attractive prizes and will also be guided in preparing an article for publication in a Medical Journal. ‘Out of the box’ ideas and plans can be mentored and translated into action at the local, regional and national level.
6.         Resource materials / links can be obtained by visiting

7.          Plagiarism check software will be used:so don’t “copy paste”

For further details contact :-   Col MP Cariappa , Resident Warden

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