Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Diwali at the Kondhwa Leprosy Hospital

Dear Benefactors, Well Wishers, and friends, 

As you all would recollect, on 03 Nov, the day of Diwali, members of the Prayas Club of AFMC went through with their plan of going to visit the Leprosy Hospital at Kondhwa , to share their happiness and the sheer lightness of being with the residents of the Hospital.

With the way that Pune has expanded, at times it becomes difficult to even find the Leprosy Hospital enroute to LBT (yes , thats what lies beyond Kondhwa).
The trees have now grown over the entrance ....a welcome arch

The enthusiastic bunch of Prayas Members, who dressed up in their best on this Diwali Day, went about distributing chivda, bananas, toiletries to the men and women staying at the Leprosy Hospital. 
Distributing items to inmates

The ever smiling Mrs Kumkar had kindly arranged for piping hot jalebis fresh from the Int School canteen for everyone. Lip smackingly delicious they were.

Alternate modes of transporting goods
 Our Secy, Surbhi and her band of merry helpers struggled initially with the sheer volume of banana bunches and the logistics of distribution, however with Sharanjeet and Prabhjeet both chipping in, things went off smoothly and efficiently .
 We left a lot of pleased faces at the Hospital that day, including the Nursing Staff who were given special packets of sweets catered for very thoughtfully by Dr Renuka .

A keen hospital physiotherapist Mr Benjamin (?), showed us around, and gave a pep talk to the students on the importance of early diagnosis and prompt treatment, apart from the bedrock of rehabilitation (the levels of prevention explained through a field visit). 
Briefing by Hospital Physiotherapist

After the students did their 'do good' bit, they decided to make an impromptu visit to the Old Age Home in Wanowrie, just to cheer up the inmates, and share some of the left over goodies. 
A day well spent, to do good by bringing cheer..... we are like that only!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Care India Program (Diwali with a Purpose): 09 Nov 2013

It was a balmy early winter morning on the 9th of November 2013, when twelve student members of Prayas Club made their way to the Taj Vivanta (the erstwhile out of reach Blue Diamond) under the leadership of our new Secy Ms Surbhi of X2 Batch.

The occasion was the Diwali celebrations of the NGO with which Prayas Club is closely associated (Care India , This is the very same NGO which is running the Vishranti Cancer Palliative Care Centre which is visited by our students often.

Col Nyayapathi, the Founder Trustee was very warm in his welcome of our Club as is his usual good natured self.

Lt Gen MA Tutakne, formerly Dean and then Comdt of AFMC (nearly a decade back) in his speech to the attendees was proudly appreciative of the participation over the years, of AFMC undergraduate students and Faculty Members of various Depts (esp PSM, Obs Gyn, Int Med and Paeds).

Felicitation ceremony during the event. Lt Gen Tutakne praising our Club Members

The students of the Prayas Club interacted with the beneficiaries of the activities of the NGO and were given an insight into the trials and tribulations faced by the caregivers of cancer patients. As doctors we seldom look at the personal lives of our patients, and tend to develop an impersonal attitude.

Prayas Club is all about bringing 'feeling' and 'compassion' back into the practice of medicine.

A morning well spent. A break from the studies that everyone perforce is having to do, what with Univ exams around the corner. Encouragement and motivation for a few, inspiration for many.

As a spot decision taken by the Club Members, it was decided to lobby with the Club after the College holiday break, to raise some funds for donating to this NGO.

The poster below illustrates how donations received from the public are utilised. We have seen the ground result, and are pleased to endorse and participate in their activities.

Thank you Care India for doing a wonderful job. We are proud to be associated with the good work your dedicated volunteers are doing.  

Utilization of Donated Funds

Monday, November 11, 2013

Farewell to the Senior batch (V2) of Prayas Members!

Fare thee well ! And continue to do good and be good through your lives! God Bless you all.

We are sanguine that those of V2 Prayas Club Members who will be leaving the portals of the College soon, will make as  wonderful doctors as they are good human beings.

As you can guess, members of Prayas Club of the V2 Batch were given an emotional farewell by the Club at the usual venue (i.e the Seminar Hall on the Top Floor of the Dept of Community Medicine) on 31 Oct at 1700h.

The evening began with V2 batch Prayas activists regaling the audience with stories from their past, and bringing in a serious note at times by recounting experiences. Past secretaries (Sharanjeet, Prabhjeet ) combined to get the evening going.
Surbhi ( our new Secy) worked quietly and efficiently behind the scenes with her cohort of eager colleagues to ensure things went smoothly.

Mrs Kumkar our eternal favourite, was felicitated by the Club as she will be retiring this year in end Dec.

Col Kushwaha , our earlier mentor was remembered fondly as he was the one who had a close association with the Club during the heydays of V2.

Songs were sung, smiles sparkled, poetry was narrated, speeches were given, and photos were clicked.

Light refreshments and heavy hearts followed.

Adieu V2,

from Prayas.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Diwali Festivities

Members of the Prayas Club of AFMC are eagerly looking forward to Diwali, the 'festival of lights'.
And the excitement is all about going to visit the Leprosy Hospital at Kondhwa , to share their happiness and the sheer lightness of being with the residents of the Hospital.

We plan to be leaving AFMC by bus at around 0945h and will be back by noon on Sunday 03 Nov 2013. 
We intend on sharing some healthy and nutritious bananas and distributing some token items of toiletries to the approx 190 residents of the Leprosy Hospital on Diwali. 
We have raised funds from within the student community of AFMC, and through generous donations from our well wishers and benefactors from amongst the Faculty. 

We would like to extend an invitation to all interested and enthusiastic students and Faculty Members (and their families) at AFMC , to join us in celebrating the joyous occasion. 

Sunday, 0945h be there! You can use your own transport to reach the Hospital, as we have limited seats on the bus. 

Thank you for your support.