Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tree plantation drive at AFMC

  In today's era of rampant industrialization & deforestation, even our city is witnessing the wrath of global warming in terms of climate changes & reduced rainfall in the city. With disappearing forests in and around Pune, not only the mean annual temperature has risen, the rivers are regressing & there has been an increase in the respiratory particulate matter(RPM) concentration in the air(source: The Times Of India).
  The members of Prayas took the initiative to start a tree plantation drive at AFMC. 60 saplings of peepal, teak, banyan, mango & several other species were planted in the boys' hostel area. The drive was symbolic and displayed that the cadets are interested in investing time and effort for a better tomorrow. It also addressed the environmental issues that have been causing concerns, by creating awareness about importance of trees; they aimed at having a cleaner and greener city.

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