Sunday, July 21, 2013

Uttarkhand relief activities

PRAYAS joined the nation in relief activities and rehabilitation of the victims of the Uttarkhand disaster. Funds were collected amongst the students and were forwarded to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund.

A visit to the Post Natal ward CH pune

Following the lecture by Col Srivastav, PRAYAS went to the post natal ward in Command Hospital, Pune on 19 July. The members were accompanied by the Officer in Charge Col Cariappa . PRAYAS  interacted with the mothers admitted in the post natal ward and talked to them about the various methods of contraception.

Lecture by Col Srivastav

In view of the World Population Day ( 11 July ) PRAYAS club decided to designate the topic of the month of July as 'Population'. Also, a guest lecture by Col Srivastav ( Dpt of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, AFMC) was held on 16 July. Prayas members were sensitized to the problems of rapid population growth, especially in the Indian scenario. Also discussed were the various methods of contraception as a means of population control.
PRAYAS visits Ayodhya Charitable Trust 

PRAYAS club members visited Ayodhya Charitable Trust for the Hearing Impaired children situated at wanawadi on 7.07.13. Its a school which offers education to the hearing impaired children. The school also offers certified courses in sign language to teachers.

PRAYAS donated soft toys and cloths to the school and also spent some time with the children.

A visit to the blind school

PRAYAS payed a visit to the Kamla Amul Massand Technical Training Institute of Poona Blind Men's Association situated at Wanawadi on 2.07.13. It is a training institute where the visually impaired are trained in various vocations. the young children are also schooled. the institute has a wonderful collection of braille books and audio books.

PRAYAS conducted a cloth collection drive in the college and the cloths where donated to the institute.