Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Patient Helped

 We are happy to announce that the patient for whom we were raising funds in November has been treated upon and is now doing well. We would like to congratulate the cadets, the faculty and all other people who contributed for this cause. Your noble intentions have saved somebody's life. We are proud to have you as our friends, colleagues and teachers.

The said patient was one of our own retired employees, an asthmatic in the need of an oxygen concentrator. His son Narendra still works at AFMC. We have seen a lots of such people suffer,  who have been working for us on contract basis. Take the example of Mr. Nair, who used to accept our mess bills. When he died an unnatural death after an accident, the then Col Adm made arrangements for his family with the help from cadets and faculty alike. To make things easier in such cases, there has been a proposal by the W2 batch to start an alumni-fund. We plan to involve all the AFMCites to establish a source of monetary help for the workers in AFMC when they are in need. An institution is made by the people who belong to it. It is the duty of all the AFMCites to take care of it's own people. We hope that this plan will soon take shape. Your ideas and criticism on this topic are required more than ever. Please add them as a comment after this post. Thank you.

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