Saturday, February 25, 2012

Medical Camp

There has been a long gap of several months between the medical camps now due to bad weather and university exams. So there were two medical camps this month in quick succession. On 11th and 25th of Feb, at Mohammadwari. From previous posts you already have an idea of what we do in there. So this is a special picture gallery for you, about the things we learnt at the medical camp this time.

I bet this man will make some serious efforts to improve his hand-writing, especially after he has seen a few extremely bad ones now. You can't afford to give alprazolam instead of atenolol twice.

When the only medicine you know about is paracetamol, working in the medical van can be an eye opener. And yes, you are supposed to give paracetamol when the doc writes PCM.

There is no need to look so confused. Just refer him to CH. That's the only thing you can do except giving him b-complex. The liver doesn't fails itself. Even if the patient tell you that he "just started drinking last year".
This is Rani. Her picture is given here for future reference. Please don't give her the same medicines twice. Even if she brings two prescriptions from two different doctors. Or if she says, "it's for my twin sister".

Special thanks to Hota sir, Souvik Nandy, Avijit S Chauhan, Anirudh Sahoo, Anshul Srivastava, Prabhjeet, Chandan, and Kapil Patsariya for being a part of the team. We hope we get more such chances to serve the community.

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