Monday, November 11, 2013

Farewell to the Senior batch (V2) of Prayas Members!

Fare thee well ! And continue to do good and be good through your lives! God Bless you all.

We are sanguine that those of V2 Prayas Club Members who will be leaving the portals of the College soon, will make as  wonderful doctors as they are good human beings.

As you can guess, members of Prayas Club of the V2 Batch were given an emotional farewell by the Club at the usual venue (i.e the Seminar Hall on the Top Floor of the Dept of Community Medicine) on 31 Oct at 1700h.

The evening began with V2 batch Prayas activists regaling the audience with stories from their past, and bringing in a serious note at times by recounting experiences. Past secretaries (Sharanjeet, Prabhjeet ) combined to get the evening going.
Surbhi ( our new Secy) worked quietly and efficiently behind the scenes with her cohort of eager colleagues to ensure things went smoothly.

Mrs Kumkar our eternal favourite, was felicitated by the Club as she will be retiring this year in end Dec.

Col Kushwaha , our earlier mentor was remembered fondly as he was the one who had a close association with the Club during the heydays of V2.

Songs were sung, smiles sparkled, poetry was narrated, speeches were given, and photos were clicked.

Light refreshments and heavy hearts followed.

Adieu V2,

from Prayas.

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