Friday, August 31, 2012

Visit to Deep Griha Society- Ramtekdi Slums

  On 29th August, medical cadets of Prayas visited Deep Griha Society at Ramtekdi slums which is an NGO working for the welfare of the people in the slums. This was the first occasion for the freshers of Y-2 batch to participate in the activities of Prayas.
  Deep Griha Society has taken initiative to work in several fields for the people of slums. These works include:
               *Women empowerment project
               *DISHA (Deep Griha's Integrated Services for HIV & AIDS
               *Medical & Healthcare Programs
               * Child Care & Child Development
               *Youth empowerment
It was a good opportunity for all Prayas members to know about how this NGO works & also about its various programmes. We learnt that there is a section of society even in developed cities like Pune who need our care & empathy. If we can take out even a small amount of time to help them, it would make a tremendous impact in someone's lives.

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