Sunday, March 20, 2011

The gift of vision

We recently had the pleasure of having some guests from Khor village. These were some very kind hearted elderly people who came to our hospital for treatment. The Ophthalmology department had done a wonderful job by holding an eye camp in their village which is near Kasurdi. The poor, uneducated patients were  brought to Pune and operated for Cataract in the Command Hospital (SC). We tried our best to look after them during their stay at the wards and during the pre-operative check-up. The department held a small ceremony for observing the World Glaucoma Day after all the patients were treated. They left for their home soon after that with smiling faces and a new sight. 

We would like to congratulate the Ophtalmology department for their successful endeavour. We would also like to thank Mrs. M. Kumkar for her inspiring hardwork and Cadets Dipurajan (V2), Divya Kochar (V2), Sowmya (V2), Deepak Kumar (U2), Mayank Jhanwar(U2) and Souvik Nandi (U2) for contributing their valuable time and labour. We hope that we continue to recieve such chances again in the future.

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